Monday, January 17, 2011

Pen Pals

Florida prisoners are not prohibited from writing pen pals.  In fact, anyone can go over to the FDOC web site select and write to anyone that he or she wishes to correspond with.

There is however a Chapter 33 – Florida Administrative Code (FAC) rule, “not a law” that forbids prisoners from running personal ads seeking pen pals, money, goods or services.  This 33-210.101 (9) is an unconstitutional “Rule” that is currently being challenged in the courts.  No doubt it will eventually get overturned.

This is just something that I wanted to inform the public of because I've heard that some people are being misinformed by inaccurate information.  Section (9) of this rule specifically states and I quote “Inmates are not prohibited from corresponding with pen pals, but shall not place ads soliciting pen pals.”

We are however allowed to write Life Lines, Human Rights, Death Row Support Project among others and ask for their assistance in finding someone to correspond with.  So, how moronic is that?  But look what we are dealing with here.

Most of us guys don't have a lot of family and friends and we are already deprived of human contact.  This rule is set up to further isolate us to our world within these walls which most of you could never comprehend.

Thank you for allowing me to explain this rule to you that has kept us from placing ads asking for pen pals.

Ronald W. Clark, Jr.