Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Retaliation Continues

Today, Thursday, September 1, 2011, while I was on the recreation yard my cell was once again shook down.  That is twice this week alone.  This is getting ridiculous.  I don’t have a thing to hide but I do worry about them planting something in my cell.  I had that happen to me before in 2000 at Florida State Prison where an officer planted a lighter in my cell and said he found it.  I also saw them plant a knife in a guy’s cell that they didn’t like.  Since I have seen this first hand where officers have set me up and set up other inmates, my fear of being set up is completely valid.   That is why I am worried about all these shake downs resulting in me being set up with another bogus, fraudulent, retaliatory Disciplinary Report (DR) like I received on August 1, 2011.  When a staff walks by, I’m wondering if they’ve sent them here to set me up and lie in another DR.  This has been causing me a great deal of stress and messing with my sleep.  I am fixing to get my Prozac raised up to 60 mg a day because of all that’s been taking place here.

The retaliation is not coming from correctional officers (CO’s) but rather being ordered by people of power in this Administration who told me “Boy you better remember where you are.”  Well I know where I am and I know how dangerous these people are.  They just promoted one of the Lieutenants to Captain.  He is the one who tortured me from June 8 through June 13th.  Those 5 days in that cold cell without a mattress or blanket and left in my underwear.  This same Lt. who is now a captain told me several years ago, “You can F---, fight or hit the fence”.  I was simply trying to move to avoid an altercation and yet the Lt. clearly wanted this altercation.  Luckily for me, they moved him out of P-Dorm.  Now however I have to deal with him once again as a captain.  Why they promote the most vindictive among them is beyond my comprehension.

We need some serious changes here and I’m hoping that my efforts using this blog will bring positive changes.  Until them I must suffer and endure the madness.  Please take care.

Peace and Love, 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Update

Admin Note:  Thanks to everyone for visiting Ronnie's blog and for your support. It means everything to Ronnie and his family.  I have not been able to post recent updates because I have not been receiving mail from Ronnie.  He has been on DC since July, and was denied a visit with his mother this week.  So we have had no word from him in weeks.  As soon as there is any news, a new update will be posted.  Again, many thanks for your support.