Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stop The Madness

I cannot believe the behavior that is taking place within the UCI administration.  It is just absolutely inconceivable.  The mind games….coming by my cell to smirk at me, making sly comments and threats.  It blows my mind!  What are they thinking?  I guess that is the whole problem; they are not thinking.  If they were, they would stop the madness and and act like the professionals they are paid to be.  However, I don’t look for this to happen without court intervention.  This is why I plan to file a Civil Rights complaint for violations of the 1st, 8th and 14th amendment.  My mail - legal, media and regular mail - is being tampered with.  My outgoing mail is not reaching its intended recipients. I suspect this is an attempt to shut down my blog.  There are all types of 8th amendment violations from the torturous acts in June to fraudulent Disciplinary Reports (DR's) that have kept me tethered to the harsh conditions of Disciplinary Confinement (DC) since May 20, 2011.  All this is being done because I stood my ground with the administration.

Although it is very difficult to get my blog posts out right now, I will continue to write.  You will, at some point in time, read about what is happening here.  The madness needs to stop.

In peace and love

P.S.  I have been in this cell with nothing but scalding hot water for over a month now, but I stand firm in my conviction that change needs to happen.