Monday, November 29, 2010

Legal Update

On November 18, 2010, I sat down with Linda McDermott and we had a talk.  I tried to make her understand where I’m coming from in lacking trust in lawyers because of what Harry P. Brody did to me.  Lying to me and then attempting to procedurally bar all the evidence in my case.  And she says she does understand.  I looked her in the eyes and I listened to her.  And I think I can trust her.  She seems to be a very honest and trustworthy individual.  I know she’s got a good reputation around here.  But the fact that I’m starting to trust her scares me. 

For I trusted Brody and look what he did to me.  I never would have believed in a million years that Brody would have done this to me. 

But I know I’ve got to trust, and so I’m going to try to be patient and give her the chance to do her job.  Although just writing that scares the living hell out of me because I don’t trust myself sometimes, much less anyone else.

Anyway, I’m currently working on an essay dealing with the murder of Ronald Willis, for which I’m sentenced to death.  I’m going to be including exhibits, depositions, sworn statements, FDLE Reports, etc…. So you can witness a miscarriage of justice for yourself.

Thank you again to all those following my site.  Please take care.  

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