Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Is What It Is

The following article by Jacqui Lang is from an Australian magazine.  The entire story is a lie, and had anyone investigated, they would have discovered it was lie.  If anyone knows what magazine it came from, I encourage you to send an email informing Jacqui Lang about it.  Please view the article that was written in 2008.  Kryssy tells Jacqui that she flew to America in 2005 and visited me on December 2, 2010.  Obviously Jacqui didn’t investigate this at all.  Kryssy’s passport would have substantiated that she didn’t come to the U.S. in 2005.  A call to the prison would have verified that Kryssy didn’t visit the institution in 2005 and in face she didn’t even get on my visiting list until October 2006.

The true story is that we didn’t start writing until 2005, around September.  And she immediately was saying she loved me.  She had read my poetry and essays on a web site.  I told her she was in love with an idea, not me. Because she didn’t know me.  I also didn’t know she was married.  Yes, I cared about her because she’s a woman and I love women.  But I kept telling her, “Look, you need to focus on your kids, not on me.  My life is a hellish existence, and trust me you don’t want to be a part of it.  You’re better off with the life you have.” In fact at this point in 2005, I was still trying to get over a woman I had fallen in love with.  That is another story in and of itself.  But in late 2006 I gave in and said, “You want a relationship?  Fine. But I can’t make any promises.”

I only spoke with Kryssy one time and it was because I was back at the Duval County Jail at a hearing in February 2007.  She got the Chaplin there to allow us to talk.  The call lasted maybe 5 minutes.  I told her again that this wasn’t a life she wanted. But she insisted that she loved me and wanted a life with me.  If nothing else I wanted her to know what she was getting into.  I want someone to love and love me, but I feel so guilty about pulling a woman into my hell. So I always end up trying to talk them out of it.  I did have feelings for Kryssy.  I got mad at her for lying in her letters.  And I compared her to my second wife Josie who lied to me all the time.  She got mad and stopped writing for a few weeks.  She was driving my mother crazy calling her all the time.  I actually heard about this article before I saw it.  A friend of mine who’s a priest, Father Ron Peters, wrote me a letter and said, “I can’t believe you didn’t share your engagement with me, etc…”I asked for a copy of the story and you see what he sent me.

When I read it I was pissed because now she’s got me in a lie involving millions of people.  I wrote to her and told he about it and I haven’t heard back from her since.  It just amazes me that someone would write a story without investigating or contacting the other party – me!  I would have told Jacqui Lang that the story was false.  But because no one bothered to contact me, this untrue story was published and shared with thousands or maybe millions of people.

Like I said, if you know what magazine this came from, please let me know and/or send Jacqui Lang the web address to this story.  Maybe bringing this to their attention will assist in them doing better investigations into their stories.  I know, I have more drama going on in 6 square foot cage than most people in the free world I don’t know what to ay about that, except, hey, it is what it is. Thank you for your time


  1. Unbelievable, first I am sorry, even if I fell in love with you, ain't no way would I leave my child, I am sure I could love you from where I am. Secondly, this reporter should not be reporting unless it is for some magazine that doesn't need the truth and proof to print a story. There used to be one where Headlines were like I am having Bigfoots baby , I am sorry you had to go through all of this Mr. Clark

  2. Ronnie's response: Good reporting should be mandatory. That story should have never made it to press. I'm still trying to find out the magazine it ran in so I can contact the reporter. A little help...anybody?