Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Justice My A**

On Friday, February 11, 2011, I watched the Florida Supreme Courts oral arguments in the Andrew Lukehart case.  Justice Barbara Parienti asked Assistant Attorney General, Charlene Milsap (who once had my case in the late 1990s) why Lukehart’s evidentiary hearing took over eleven years to be conducted.  Ms. Milsap could not give a logical response.  This was an issue that I brought before the Florida Supreme Court (FSC) for which they did not want to address.  In Jones v. State 740, s02d520 (Fla 1999) the FSC overturned Jones case because of a decade delay.  Why these other attorneys are not raising this on appeal is beyond my comprehension.  Maybe it’s that these two-bit state appointed, state paid lawyers are selling their clients out!  What other explanation is there for not raising valid legal claims allowing the court to rule up on them as Jones’ lawyer did in 1999?  These Justices know that The Circuit Courts and State Attorneys are stalling these cases.  So you would think these Justices would simply step up and take the valid legal necessary actions required by the law, rather than sitting back ignoring this problem.  You’ve heard the saying “justice is blind”.  Well, I am here to tell you it is deaf, dumb and riddled with stupidity as well!  For equal justice is the biggest hoax that I have ever seen, and our Florida Supreme Court is complicit and these two-bit, no account lawyers like Harry P. Brody have the scales of justice so out of balance here in Florida that they all need to be thrown out and the whole system needs to be revamped!  We need Justice’s with heart!  We need lawyers with backbones!  Who is going to stand up and fight for human rights! For equal justice! Fight to do what is right!  But that is not what we have.  What we have is heartless, spineless individuals who are standing behind this façade of equal justice, and that is what I am trying to bring to your attention.
Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and insight with you.
Ronald W. Clark Jr.

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