Thursday, April 28, 2011

Linda McDermott, Esquire Attorney at Law

This is just to give you a legal update and give praise to Linda McDermott who is one hell of an attorney!!
On April 20, 2011, my birthday, I received the draft Federal Habeas Corpus Petition and the Memorandum of Law in support of Federal Habeas Corpus Petition and all I can say is “WOW!!”  Not only did she follow my instructions but she took it to a whole new level.  This woman is a brilliant, magnificent attorney.  She has blown my mind with the way she hooked this up.  I’m speechless…  I heard she was good through the rumor mill…but when I sat back and read her work…I just couldn’t believe some of what she did here.  She is actually fighting for me and you can see it in her work.  I can’t go into any details…attorney-client confidentiality.  Now that I finally have an outstanding attorney, I have to sit back and allow her to fight for me.  I just had to sing her praise and let the world know…Linda McDermott deserves and earns the title Esquire for she is without a doubt one of the best Appellate attorneys in the state of Florida.
I want to thank you Linda for your hard work and for tolerating me when I lost all faith.  I now know that I have one hell of an attorney.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


  1. I am so happy for you, finally someone is in your corner.

  2. Sheila, Thank you for your thoughtful comments for Ronnie. He will really appreciate them! As you probably know, he does not have internet access. I help him with the web site, so I will print them out and forward to him, and post his replies. Please feel free to write to him directly if you are moved to do so. He welcomes the mail and the support : ) Thanks again!