Monday, April 4, 2011

My Thoughts On The Murder Of Ronald Willis

It  was a cold, calculated, unnecessary and senseless murder that robbed a daughter of her father.  I didn’t know the man nor his family. I had seen his father, Mr. Willis, in court as well as his daughter and several family members at the February 2007 evidentiary hearing.  All I can say is the man was robbed of his life and in my opinion... I am just as guilty as John David Hatch for I did absolutely nothing to stop this senseless murder.  He (Hatch) picked the perfect time and place as can been seen in “The Evidence”.  Hatch was the triggerman and that can be seen in his inconsistent testimony.  The fact still remains that I did nothing to stop it and for that I am truly, truly sorry.  That was a coward moved on my behalf.  But… there is no good excuse.  I was a fallible young man at his worst.  I’ve made more mistakes in this life time than any ten men combined have made.
I have a guilt that I have to live with that goes way beyond the Willis family.  I am so very sorry for the pain and anguish that Hatch and I brought into their lives on that fatal night of January 12, 1990.  So if you are reading this “I am truly sorry!!”.  I expect no forgiveness.  I don’t forgive myself so I wouldn’t expect you to forgive me.  I seem to find comfort in allowing the guilt to eat away at me and like I said, there are other issues that the guilt of the the pain I’ve caused to people that I love is it just weighs so heavily on my heart that you could not possibly imagine the guilt that I have to live with.  I wish I could go back and change the past…but as we all know we can’t.  We must live and die with our mistakes…I’ve made far too many mistakes…I’m a walking, talking disaster area.  I put the “S” in stupidity!!
I am not looking for forgiveness or sympathy.  What I would like to see is equal justice.  Had John David Hatch been sentenced to death, then I would have no qualms about sitting here waiting to die for a murder that I did not prevent but did not commit.  Again, in my mind I’m just as guilty as Hatch.  For my part in the murder of Ronald Willis, I truly do apologize to his family and friends for my inept stupidity that resulted in the loss of their loved one.  Forgive me not, for I do not forgive myself.   
Regretfully submitted,
Ronald W. Clark, Jr.


  1. What a moving story. I respect the fact that you say you are just as guilty for not stopping the murder. The fact that Hatch it out living his life and you are where you are is unacceptable, and I hope that some people in power in Florida actually read this, maybe, just maybe you can be released as well. One can always hope that some justice can happen here. I know I will.

  2. Ronnie's response: If it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all...