Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tax Payers Of Florida by Allen Cox

You better open your eyes and take a look at what is going on in the prison system.  Currently your money is being spent to raise an army of mad dog thugs that will one day be released in your back yard.  Some of you screamed for tough prison time and that is what you are getting, but you are the ones who will end up being the victims when these men are someday released.  This is how things are.  You put 1,000 men in prison, most with long sentences.  Five hundred of them have no family to help with small amounts of money that is needed to survive and there are no paying jobs.  So the 500 are forced to rob and steal and extort protection from the other 500 that do get money from family.  After years of surviving this way the 500 thugs are released.  They are programmed to rob and steal but it’s YOU who will be their victims now.

The answer to this problem is simple and would save the taxpayers a great deal of money.  Bring back the farm system the prison system.  The prison system has the manpower to raise most of the food that is needed.  Pay the inmates to work instead of forcing them to work for nothing because 90% of what they get paid will be spent right back into the inmate canteen.  Each prison could have a factory that makes most of the snacks that are currently sold in the canteen which would create more paying jobs.  There is no reason why the taxpayers of Florida should not have the burden of supporting the prison system taken off their shoulders.  So, do you want a prisoner who has learned to work for money or one who has had to rob and steal to survive living next door to you?

Allen Cox

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