Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Expectations….It’s a good thing when you place them upon yourself.    Your expecting yourself to improve…to be better…to do, or accomplish something.  In those terms expectations are great.  But when you start placing expectations upon others…you are setting them up for failure, at least in your eyes.  People very seldom, if ever, live up to the expectations that we put upon them.  We in return are angry or disappointed in that person who has failed to live up to our expectations, “demands” that we have place on them!  That we have expected them to live up to!  By doing this, we have caused ourselves “disappointment” and set that person up to fail in our eyes.  We forget that we are all fallible human beings.  We neglect to think back on our own mistakes that may be locked in our dark closets before we start judging others for failing to be who or who we expect them to be.  I…myself have been guilty of this.  I try to catch myself when I find myself placing expectations upon someone.  I expect myself to accept you for who and what you are.  Your good and your bad.  I expect myself not to judge you on anything other than how you treat me.  Even if a mistake is made there, I expect myself to forgive you.   I try to remember that we are not always going to see eye to eye.  There are times it’s best to agree to disagree and respect you even if I don’t like your views or your opinions.  I don’t expect anything of anyone other than to be who and what we are, fallible human beings.  Think about this the next time you are angry or disappointed in someone who failed to live up to your expectations.

In Peace and Love,

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