Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oppressive Tyranny

I fight against the oppressive rules of the Florida Dept. of Corrections (FDOC) and yes, I often stand to face retaliatory actions by tyrants within the FDOC and their tyranny that rains down upon me.  You ask, why fight?  That is the question people often ask.  But my question is “Why not fight for change?”  Why not stand up and let your opinions and voice be heard?  Say what you mean, mean what you say.   Think for yourself, believe in yourself and stand for something!  Yes, I’ve failed miserably in this life and I’m going to continue to fail.  However, I’m going to at least try because if I don’t try then I will never know if I could have had success.

We must always stand up for what we think and believe in, no matter the consequences we may suffer.  Yes, I stand alone in my battles and I often face the retaliatory behavior of the administration’s tyranny.  So if I don’t stand up, I don’t say anything, then who does?  The oppression continues because there is silence as no one will stand up and say what is on their mind.  Do you not see the problem with that?  I see that as a bigger problem.  Silence does NOT bring change!  It breeds tyrants and tyranny.
In life…we stand for something or fall for anything.  I’ve been on that side.  I stood for nothing and fell for everything and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw.  I decided it was time to change.  Now I’ll give you this—I need to pick and choose my battles a lot more carefully.  I need to lean when to walk away, when to regroup and recognize a losing battle.  I have problems with that.  I’m head strong, hard headed and those are not good qualities in this environment that I’m in now.
I loath the oppression of these prison administrators who pick and choose what rules they like to follow.
They only follow the ones that most benefit them at the time.  This is the case with my contact visits right now.  They are misapplying 33-106.735FAC, non-contact visits using it in a way that it is not designed for.  It seems to be like that with all the rules.  They make them, break them and manipulate them into fitting their agenda and I am supposed to say nothing?  The way I see it is if I say nothing, then it’s “My Fault!”  for I have allowed them to oppress me, violating their own rules and regulations.  I have now become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

It’s the same with this 33-210.101 (9) Routine mail rule that is making my life oppressively miserable.  Not allowing me to run pen pal ads seeking pen pal correspondence.  This is just another oppressive rule that has no penal logical justification.  I can show you numerous other rules that boarder on the edge of stupidity and are designed to oppress the prisoners, making our already difficult lives that much more difficult.  Yes, I will always stand up and fight for what I believe in and if for some reason it costs me my life, so be it.  If there is nothing in life worth fighting and dying for, then there surely cannot be a thing worth living for.  Fight the good fight.  Fight for what you believe in.

In Peace and Love,

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