Monday, May 2, 2011

Nothing At All

A drive by…. No not what you are thinking.  No violence involved.  This is a mail drive by when the mailman passes your cell and does not stop.  It’s a sickening feeling that I experience quite regularly these days.  No woman to love, very few friends, and family….. oh boy!  Let’s leave it at that.  Back in the day, mail used to be abundant.  The mailman would stop and say, “Dam Clark, you got a bundle”.  But back then I had ads in every magazine from the sun to play girl.  I would write sexual fantasies for financial help.  And some of it…… well it was truly interesting.  But it was something to do to pass time.  And it was away of being able to afford to eat out of the canteen.  But I met some very interesting people from all over the world.  I got a visitor back then from England, Australia and the Netherlands.  Nowadays visits are like mail call, few and far between.  One or two visit’s a year from my mother and a visit or two from my cousin.  My mother lives too far away and it cost an arm and a leg to come visit.

All in all, I never imagined being here this long.  Here I am working on 21 years in this hell hole…. Half my life has been spent in this cage.  But I know other guys who have been here since the mid 70’s, so how am I to complain about 21 years?? I often sit…. Reflecting back on each year, and remembering the cells I was in and events that were taking place.  For instance, on that devastating day of September 11, 2001, I was in cell G-2209 at F.S.P.  Danny Rollins had occupied that cell earlier that year before being moved back here to U.C.I.  When Princess Diana died in that car crash on August 30, 1997, I was here at U.C.I in P-Dorm, Wing 2, top right side cell 20.  Why do we always have to reflect back on tragic events??  The human mind….. will we ever understand it?  I currently don’t have a television, so I’ve been occupying my mind reading James Patterson and Stuart Woods, who are my favorite authors, as well as Stephen J. Canell, can’t forget the master storyteller.  I just try to fill in empty space and occupy my time, as I’m doing right.  Now with this short essay about  everything and nothing at all.  It’s a cool spring morning, pouring rain outside and sit here lost in time.  Nothing to do….. nothing to see……
And I guess nothing else to say at the moment, so with that I will close.  I wish you the best in love life and happiness.  And I hope you will continue to follow my blog and tell others about it.  Peace out.




  1. Well hopefully you will get my letter any day now, and it will brighten your day a little.

  2. How come no tv? Are you not allowed one?