Thursday, June 23, 2011

Extreme Torture

This administration at Union Correctional Institution (U.C.I) used torture tactics on me for 5 days straight and this is how it happened.  On Wednesday, June 8, 2011 while I was housed in R-Dorm medical cell R-1-202S at approximately 1:30 PM a lieutenant, a sergeant and two COs showed up.  I was ordered to strip down to my boxer shorts.  I complied and was then handcuffed and placed in the hallway.  All of this can be seen on R-Dorm video, which I'm requesting to be held as evidence.  All of my property, clothing and bedding was removed.  For 5 days I was kept in this ice-cold cell with the air conditioning running with inadequate clothing to stay warm and nothing to sleep on but a steel plate or concrete floor.  Because of the cold I had to continuously walk all night!  I would lay down 5 or 10 minutes shivering before having to walk again to warm up a little.  This was extreme torture!  Because of the hunger strike and not eating in over 19 days and walking to exhaustion, I fell numerous times getting a cut over my right eye and bruising in my right knee.  As well as other bangs and bruises.  I would lie on the floor shivering eventually falling asleep only minutes at time from pure exhaustion.  My joints were hurting extremely, extremely bad from lying on the cold floor!  I was in pain like I have never felt before.  Late that Wednesday night I began throwing up which lasted three days nothing but bile and stomach acid.  I'm surprised I didn't get pneumonia from being held in those extreme temperatures lying on concrete.  These were the worst 5 days of my life.  I came very close to committing suicide to escape those torturous conditions.  I was sleep deprived, hurting and within 24 hours I was not thinking rationally.

I did nothing to deserve this.  I'm going to be calling for the Inspector General (IG) to give me a lie detector test as well as the Lt. That caused this.  I was told my property was taken because I had told the Lt that I was going to flood my cell.  The video will substantiate that this is a lie.  One of the CO’s came in after they took my property and said “I'm sorry, I tried to talk them out of it.”  I had a right under Article one Section 23 of the Florida Constitution to conduct this peaceful protest hunger strike without retaliation.  The Lt. Violated this constitutional right as well as my sixth, eighth and fourteenth amendment constitution rights by denying me due process and putting me through measures of extreme torture in order to break me.  Even when I broke, the administration continued their acts of torturous treatment until Monday at approximately 10:00 am when CO’s can be seen on video returning my mattress and clothes.  During those five days I was also denied access to my attorney and I was denied access to not only my mail, paper, pens and envelopes but to grievance forms as well.  This is a violation of 42 UCS 1997 (e).  All of which I'm going to have substantiated through a lie detector test.  A lawsuit is going to be filed to insure that no one else is tortured in this manner that they tortured me those 5 days.  That was 5 days of pure and total hell that I wouldn't put my worse enemy through.

Please download this essay and take it to Amnesty International, the ACLU or anyone else that will listen.  This was a brutal act of torture through sleep deprivation, inadequate clothing, extreme temperatures and pain from lying on concrete.  The concrete was better than the steel bed with no bedding.  Please help me prevent this from ever happening to anyone else.

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  1. Well I am ashamed that we as a human race allow such treatment of another@ It is really sad that some have to put others down in such a horrible manner just to make them feel like they have some kind of power! It is amazing that the people who normally have these jobs thrive on this kind of thing and yet they are hired and made to think they are heros! PLEASE this tells us what kind of idiots we have in power!