Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hunger Strike Update

On behalf of Ronnie, thank you to everyone for their support during his hunger strike.  It has meant everything to him and he is beyond grateful.  According to his mother, Ronnie ended his hunger strike after 3 weeks, on Friday June 10.  He is in the medical unit and has been taking water, and although he initially had trouble keeping food down, he is beginning the journey to recovery.

News will be posted as it's received.

Thank you.


  1. I know that his love for his Mom is the reason he ended this strike. We are all proud of you Ronnie! Praying you are ok and that you are able to continue with your blog that we all love to read.

  2. Is there any word on his condition now? Is he keeping food down? Is he alright?

  3. To Ronnie- I am sending heartfelt wishes of good health your way so that you will soon be back to your old self. I hope you are doing okay right now! I came across your blog, due to a writing you did for a Thomas Whitaker (Death Row in Texas blog) called: Letters to Future Death Row Inmates.....after reading yours, I was able to find my way here to your page. I wish you a quick recovery after your long hunger strike and am hoping to hear a good update soon regarding your recovery and Ill be following your blog from here on out. I was glad to have found you on here. Your writing brings such beauty and hope into an otherwise confusing world and I thank you for that. Blessings and take care of yourself as you recover! Best wishes always from Kentucky! -Candace

  4. Thanks for your comments and support for Ronnie. He is hanging in there and beginning to heal. He isn't feeling great but after all he's been through, it's going to take time to get back to normal. He really appreciates the mail - please keep it coming! New updates will be posted when they are received. Thanks for checking in.