Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hunger Strike Update Day 16

June 5, 2011 I’m taking Zantac now so the stomach acid is under control and the stomach and abdominal pains have lessened.  Friday I was authorized a 3 minute phone call with my mom, which is unheard of.  They allowed it hoping she would talk me out of this.  I did agree to fight for medical issues only.  Since the administration has already agreed to give me the Hepatitis A & B vaccine, I’m fighting now primarily for a liver biopsy to be able to determine the damage that HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) has done to my liver.  I’m also fighting for proper diet that consists of no processed foods or sugars.  Doctors who specialize in HCV recommend that I eat fresh fruits and vegetables and lean low fat meats such as fish and white-meat chicken and turkey.  None of these items are provided on the regular FDOC diet.  Fruit is only served every 4 weeks  and nothing but processed meats are served to Death Row, which contain numerous chemicals that my already damaged liver has to work harder to filter out.  I’ve filed a grievance that will be going out in the morning.  I’ll post their response here on my blog.

I hope to end my hunger strike in the next week.  I hate to drop other issues but I’m doing this for my mom.  Thank you for you time and for those of you who have supported me.

In peace and love,

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