Saturday, November 19, 2011

Milo Rose Needs Your Help

On October 18, 1982, when I was 32 years old, I was placed under false arrest for the murder of my older girlfriend’s 28 year old son.  My nightmare of having been falsely arrested, convicted and sentenced to death continues to haunt me to this day, even though there is overwhelming evidence that explicitly proves I was railroaded and framed and innocent of any kind of murder.  All of this can easily be brought to light by simply confronting the five attorneys involved with my case on the trial level with exculpatory/favorable evidence withheld by the Clearwater, Florida Police Department in order to achieve a conviction by any means possible.  When confronted with this evidence these five trial level attorneys will all have to admit I did not receive a fair and impartial trial.

Sadly, there is compelling evidence the state and federal courts acted in complicity to mark me as sacrificial lamb in order to oppress and suppress the evidence of a pattern of widespread corruption within Florida’s Pasco/Pinellas counties legal community to obtain convictions by any means possible that when revealed will open a huge can of worms which the legal system does not want opened.  This revelation standing by itself should shock the conscience of society as it shows the Death Penalty is morally corrupt and cannot be trusted or condoned!

Please help me network my plight and come out from under the blanket of obscurity to force the five trial level attorneys to come forward to confront the evidence that will vindicate/exonerate me of any kind of murder.

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I also seek assistance to start a blog and welcome all media and legal inquiries as well as individual communication/support.

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Thank you for your time and attention.

Milo Rose #090411
Union Correctional Institution
7819 NW 228th Street P3225
Raiford, FL 32026-4430

December 11, 2011  Additional Information about Milo Rose's case:

On October 3, 2011, The United States Supreme Court denied Florida death sentenced inmate Milo Rose certiorari.  Silently denying him the Due Process right of not acquiescing to representation not his own, as outlined by the following copy of his July 21, 2011, pro se addendum to the fraudulent writ of certiorari filed by attorney Bjorn Brunvand.

No. 10-10919


Milo Rose,
Edwin G. Buss, Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections,

MILO A. ROSE #090411
7819 NW. 228TH STREET P5205

This petitioner is humbly coming before this court pro se to preserve his sixth amendment right under the theory of Faretta v. California in not acquiescing to representation before this court that is not reflective of his attached thirty-two page December 2, 2005, filing before the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, PETITIONER SUPPORT BRIEF ADDRESSING FARETTA STANDARD WHILE AMENDING AND INCORPORATING ALL HUBEAS ISSUES PENDING BEFORE THIS COURT.

Petitioner asserts the lower courts repeatedly misconstrued his pro se pleadings/right of not acquiescing to representation not his own and by doing so violated the logic of the Sixth Amendment while denying relief or guilt/innocence due to thrusting non-representative counsel upon petitioner.
Petitioner now begs this court to weigh the merits of attached December 2, 2005, pro se support brief and grant certiorari on all guilt/innocence issues.

Petitioner swears under penalty of perjury that everything contained within this petition to be truthful and supported by the record.
Submitted on 21st day of July, 2011, by pro se petitioner;
Milo A. Rose #090411
Union Correctional Institution
7819 Nw. 228th Street P5205
Raiford, Florida 32026-4450

 A true and correct copy of the foregoing petition has been forwarded through the United States first class mail on this day 21 of July, 2011, to the following parties: Bjorn Brunvand, Esq., 615 Turner Street, Clearwater, Florida, 33756—Carol M. Ditter, Office of Attorney General, 3507 East Frontage Road, Suite 200, Tampa, Florida 33607.

On October 6, 2011, Five judges on the Florida Supreme Court made the following ruling in death sentenced Robert Gordon’s pro se postconviction appeal:
“Based on our solemn duty to ensure that the death penalty is imposed in a fair, consistent, and reliable manner—as well as our administrative responsibility to work to minimize the dlays inherent in the postconviction process—we hold that death-sentenced appeallants may not appear pro se in postconviction appeals.  Accordingly, Gordon’s motion to discharge counsel and appear pro se and appellate counsel’s motion for leave to withdraw are denied.”

Two Florida Supreme Court Justices dissented and wrote the following opinion:
(Canady, C.J., dissenting, Polston, J., concurs) “This is Mr. Gordon’s Case, and it is a case in which Mr. Gordon’s life is at stake.  I would not presume to impose postconviction appeal counsel on Mr. Gordon if he has made a knowing, informed, and voluntary choice to repudiate that counsel.  It is true that appellants in direct criminal appeals do not have the right to proceed pro se.  But there is one very important difference between direct appeals and postconviction appeals: a remedy is available for the ineffective assistance of appellate counsel in direct appeals, but no such remedy is available with respect to postconviction counsel.  Even if there is no constitutional right for a prisoner under sentence of death to proceed pro se in a postconvicion appellate proceeding, I conclude that it is an unwise and unfair policy to saddle such a litigant with counsel against his wishes—particularly when the litigant is without any meaningful remedy for the ineffective assistance of counsel.”

Florida Supreme Court jurist, Canady and Polston, receive accolades from innocent death sentenced inmate Milo Rose.  Saying their courage to dissent from the Courts’ majority with an ethical and honestly addressed opinion tells how the barbaric practice of execution needs to be abolished, or at the very least given more insurance an innocent sentenced to death has every avenue left open to be heard,  Instead of being dropped into the obscurity of a dungeon cell, never to be heard from again, while giving the false appearance of justice having been served.

Coincidentally, the trial judge Susan Schaeffer, and appeal attorney Bjorn Brunvand, in the Robert Gordon case are also involved in the Milo Rose case.  In which Milo Rose alleges a pattern of evidence exist to charge them, and a host of others, with being members of a vigilance committee.  Guilty of racketeering through the criminal act of obstruction of justice.  In order to conceal the fact of Milo Rose having been railroaded, feloniously found guilty and sentenced to death.  While evidence supporting the killers of the victim in his case were left free to kill again, and send another innocent man to Florida’s death row is being suppressed and oppressed…

Milo Rose needs help to network the injustice he suffers.  To learn more Google “Milo Rose innocent on death row” to visit his website and also join his facebook page: One Eagle Campaign for justice.  Milo also welcomes snail mail addressed to:

Milo Rose #090411
Union Correctional Facility
7819 Nw. 228th Street P5205
Raiford, Florida 32026-4450


  1. Who is in control of this blog and where can I find out more about this case? The Facebook page has been taken down.

  2. Your governor doesn't know the saying yet....EXECUTION IS NOT THE SOLUTION

    He's an evil man........HE has no sympathy .