Sunday, November 27, 2011

Premeditated Murder

September 28, 2011, Wednesday 8:52am

I am very tired, stressed out and just don’t feel good at all.  Although my conditions and circumstances over here are hellish, to say the least, my mind is on the premeditated murder of Manny who is sitting over at FSP on death watch with a little over 7 hours to live.  I wonder what is on his mind. What is he going through? What is his family going through? I will tell you this, the crap that’s taking place over there right now, is the highest form of premeditated murder that will ever exist outside of the human race.  For they have scripted his death/murder down to the last detail.  What other murderer in society has ever done that?  None that I know of. This is a cold calculated heinous act that our government official’s are participating in.  From Governor Rick Scott’s blood signature on the death warrant  to our legislature official’s who approve of it to our corrupt, severely flawed judicial system that has murdered many innocent people under the mantel of justice, as was probably the case last week with Georgia’s murder of a possibly innocent man Troy Davis.  And so what if he was innocent.  He’s dead, murdered by his own government and there is not a damn thing they can do now to correct it, our justice system is just absolutely unbelievable!  Our people, our government all know and recognize its fallible nature and yet continue to spit bodies out of machinery of death with not qualms, shame or conscious. Our government is a serial killer, disguised under the false pretense of justice.  There’s no justice in rubbing out a human life, call it like it is, this is a cold calculated act of revenge!  And any fool can see this is not justice, its revenge, murder guised under the mantel of justice! But it is what you want isn’t it? Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life! Vengeance guised as justice! Legalized excuse for committing murder.

It is now a few minutes past 4:00 pm and I have no knowledge if Manny’s murder is taking place, but I can picture some of what he is seeing, then I think of Governor Scott and his blood signature on that death warrant.  I wonder what he is doing at this very moment.  Is he seated in a plush chair sipping a cold drink as this murder is unfolding about a half mile down the road here?  Yes all of this is running through my mind as I sit here in this death cage watching the minutes tick off my watch.  Governor Scott….have you become a cold blooded murder, murdering under this false pretense of justice?  Have you done the right thing and issued a stay of execution, issued a statement saying, “Sorry folks, but what we are doing here is not justice and I can not and will not participate in the act of murdering another human being?” I can only sit, wait and hope that this is what Scott has done, and Governor Scott, I surely hope you have done this, washed your hands of this murderous act.  The minutes continue to tick as I sit and wait to learn a mans fate. To live or to die.  It is a hell of a thing to be waiting on… a healthy human being to be murdered.  Welcome to my world!

We learned that Manny Vallie was given a three hour stay, and at 7:00 pm, September 28, 2011 our government murdered Manny.  They made him wait and suffer three extra hours under the imminent imperil of death! If that is not cruel and unusual then nothing is.  This was truly a premeditated act of murder on a scale like not other.  One day, yes one day, hopefully people will open their eyes and see this for what it is.

In much peace and love,

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